Paying Homage: Maxwell Billieon

Native Californian Maxwell Billieon is a true renaissance man. A former star-making development executive, generating more than $100 million in global sales, Billieon is now the CEO of The Billieon Group (TBG), which develops high-end luxury lifestyle goods sold worldwide. As the premier boisterous expert on the subject of infidelity, Billieon has become a consultant to the U.S. military on soldier relationships and his “Six Virtues of the New Man” have led countless men and women to having monogamy-capable relationships. Billieon lives in Los Angeles, California.

Maxwell Billieon is the man who ultimately expresses that men cheat because they are not thought how not to cheat. Though this to most would sound absurd, especially to women, he does explain everything he means, leaving you to say, “Maybe he does have a point.” Men and women can not totally disagree with what he is saying because Mr Billieon touches on topics such as the nature of men and women and the effects it has during upbringing.

Even Mr Billieon was caught teaching (talk about being a prime example of your work or taking it too far) and had an epiphany. Driven by an overwhelming desire to stop cheating, he set out on a life-changing journey to undo decades of destructive behaviors. With no experts or instructors to advise him, Billieon quickly realized he would have to draft his own operating manual for learning how not to cheat. This can be laughable to most due to the fact that men have stopped cheating because they chose not to cheat. Some may angrily voice that cheating is not a disease which Maxwell Billieon seems to be insinuating it to be. But again, Mr Billieon emphasis is on the teaching-on what is taught or not. Men are not taught not to cheat due to the notion that it is already embedded in them to cheat.

Through insightful observations and copious note-taking, he created an accessible and foolproof blueprint for avoiding the pitfalls of cheating. Because of his personal success, Maxwell Billieon decided to share his findings with others in an attempt to teach both men and women the truth about male cheating and to give women the information and skills needed to get and keep faithful men.

He later wrote a book with artist Ray J, titled ‘DEATH OF THE CHEATING MAN: What Every Woman Must Know About Men Who Stray’


Ray J, serving as a fascinating case study—reveals the hidden truth about unfaithful men and exposes why he believes deceitfulness is the primary cause of the demise of the American family. As Billieon outlines, step-by-step, what women need to know about how and why men manipulate their emotions, coauthor Ray J applies Billieon’s tenets to transform his own life from that of a reckless and indifferent playboy to a man capable of a committed and loving relationship. In a forthright, no-holds-bar style that is reminiscent of Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man which for the Brotherhood Of The Game is a caution. If the book is likened to ‘Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man’ then one has to be cautious. Such books put women up on a pedestal and stimulates their ego not companionship or spirit.

Billieon examines male cheating from a global perspective and reveals why powerful men such as John F. Kennedy, Tiger Woods and Arnold Schwarzenegger achieve incredible milestones in extraordinary ways but can’t manage to avoid the temptations of cheating.
Though the implications of Mr Maxwell Billieon (as well as Ray J) seems to negate or ignore freewill and choice, there is a lot to know from the findings of his continuous journey. Mr Maxwell Billieon may indeed have found the secret formula (or one of them) as to stop men from cheating, and for that it benefits one to listen and look into his findings. Mr Maxwell Billieon the Brotherhood Of The Game salutes you.


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