Game from the Script: The Holy Koran Circle Seven

Disclaimer: I am not a believer in religion, that which divides us. To me religion is a form of favouritism where everybody is trying to seek to be the Creator’s favourite instead of unitying in worship. I am not a part of the Moorish Science Temple so do feel free to explain any information stated.

Moorish Orthodoxy began with the message of the American prophet Noble Drew Ali also known as Duse Ali, born Timothy Drew in North Carolina in 1886 and raised by Cherokee Indians who adopted him into their tribe..

Noble Drew Ali also known Duse Ali

Another picture of Noble Drew Ali

At 16, Drew began wandering as a circus magician, which took him to Khemet (Egypt) where he received self knowledge and direction from a priest who was part of a tribe which were the last of a cult of high magic that was practised for centuries in the pyramid of Khufu also known as the pyramid of Cheops.

Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops)

Initiations were done inside the pyramid to master the three levels of consciousness. 1) Physical consciousness in the underground level, 2) Mental consciousness in the Queen’s Chamber and 3) Spiritual consciousness in the King’s Chamber. Each level of consciousness also had two charges each. The underground area or physical consciousness had a negative, negative (-, -) charge. This is the consciousness most people are stuck on. The Queen’s chamber has a positive, negative (+, – ) charge and the King’s chamber has a positive, positive (+, +) charge.

showing the inside structure of the pyramid of Khufu


It was Pharoah Khafare, one of Khufu’s son that built the second pyramid of Giza. His other son Menkure built the third pyramid of Giza. Note that all three pyramids align with the three Orion stars known as the three wisemen.

The magician recognized Noble Drew Ali as a young reincarnation of a former leader of his cult. He saw Noble Drew Ali as a prophet and it was from him that Drew Ali learned the messages of The Circle Seven Koran as well as other things.

Drew Ali returned to America and was told in a dream to start a new religion for the uplifting of fallen mankind. He began the first temple (or mosque) in Newark, but he and his followers were forced to move to Chicago because they refused to fight in the first world war. His movement was called the Moorish Science Temple and began to grow but mostly attracted black Americans though Drew Ali was not a racist. But he did hold certain racial theories. He said blacks are Moabites or Moors. For Moorish Americans Morocco is a “promised land”.

Lut or Lot’s first daughter Lubna got him drunk and had sex with him been that there were no men around in the region they were after the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Their father Lot feared to dwell in the town of Zoar because of the ruler. Lubna gave birth and called her son Moab, which means “from my own father.” Moab is the father of all the Moabites. Lot’s second daughter Jalaa’a also got her father drunk and slept with him. She gave birth to a son and called him Benammi, which means “son of my own nation of people.” He is the father of all the Ammonites. [Read Genesis ch 9 v 30 – 38.]

Pope kissing Koran

In 1929 Noble Drew prophesised the hour of his death. He was taken for questioning by the Chicago police and brutally beaten and diedsoon after his release.

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