Game from the Script: The Holy Book Of Adonai (God)

Adonitology from the Hebrew word Adonai (God or The Lord) and tology (studied doctrine), altogether meaning the studied doctrine of the Gods states that the black callipygian (meaning in Greek ‘she with beautifully ample buttocks’ or big booty) woman is the Holy Spirit, also known as the Mother-God. It is said that God blesses all curvy woman above all women women as the feminine ideal. God Almighty is married to the Holy Spirit, the Mother-God, by the blessing of their creators who are eloheems (Etherians, Angels, Supreme Beings) Belus and his wife Biltis.

Belus and his wife Biltis are said to have made Darkness, Light and Love. Darkness, an Angel was called Molchos who is Satan and he came first, then came Light who is God Almighty and then Love who is the Holy Spirit, the Mother-God. There was order until Issa Elohim, the Mother-God and Mother of Yashua (Jesus) was given to God Almighty to marry. When Molchos or Satan saw that Belus had given Issa Elohim to God Almighty (his brother) he became envious and felt that she belonged to him by birthright been that he was first. Satan planted a seed in his heart to make war against God in Heaven and against to destroy his creations…

The book is written by Prophet Adonis. Prophet Adonis states that on January 3rd 1996, he was visited by the Angel Elishamel in a vision while vacationing on the Island of Phucket, Thailand. The Angel revealed to the Prophet that he was created by the Angel Gabriel who was created after Angel Michael, who came after Molchos (Lucifier). For about a three month peroid the Angel Elishamael returned repeatedly to Earth revealing to the Prophet revelations concerning the beginning of all things.

The Prophet Adonis was chosen by God to write the revelations that were revealed to him as five holy books and to record the books as one Holy book, and to name it The Holy Book Of Adonai (God). When the third month was near, the Angel Elishamel appointed the Prophet Adonis as a High Prince, giving him the title and status as that of a King.

The Prophet Adonis was instructed not to tell anyone and to seal the recordings of the book for a period of seven years, which would then be the appointed time to reveal them to all mankind. So from 1996 to 2013, making a seven year period, the Holy book of Adonai (God) is now been presented.


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