Game from the Script: Siddhartha Gautama, The Buddha (or Elightened One)

Buddhist Sutra

Buddhism was founded or rather discovered by Siddhartha Gautama. Said to be a religion but if he was still alive The Buddha would have stated that Buddhism is a way of life. Through analytical meditation one can obtained the truth.

Siddhartha Gautama, The Buddha

Siddhartha Gautama was born in Nepal around 563 BC (note BC, meaning he was born before Yashua [Jesus] the appointed came).


He was the son of a King of the Sakyas tribe. Gautama was raised in luxury, but at the age of 29 renounced worldly attachments, after witnessing a group of people who maintained a lifestyle of non-attachment, yet expressed humbledness, contentment and happiness. Gutama left his wife and home to seek enlightenment.

Sakaya tribe

After 6 years of austere living, he meditated under the Bodhi Tree and became enlightened.

Bodhi Tree

According to Buddha, enlightenment consists of recognising four truths:-

1) Individual existence is painful.
2) Pain stems from the attachment to worldly things, which are ephemeral.
3) Happiness can be achieved by detaching oneself from material things.
4) Nirvana, or egoless bliss, can be achieved by following the Noble Eightfold Way, which are:

1) Right views
2) Right intention
3) Right Speech
4) Right action
5) Right livelihood
6) Right effort
7) Right mindfulness
8) Right concentration

Buddha’s teaching and philosophy gave rise to two main schools, 1) Theraveda or Hinayana which is the form found in Southern Asia (Sri Lanka, Burma, and Thailand) and 2) Mahayana, which is the form found in Northern Asia (China, Tibet, Korea and Japan).

Buddhism does not recognise a God and therefore denies the existence of a permanent Self. Instead it states that KARMA, where all deeds have a positive or negative consequence in this or future lives, and that rebirth is the outcome of this. The Noble Eight fold Way is used to break the chain of Karma. It breaks the endless cycles of rebirths, and thereby attain the dissolution of consciousness in Nirvana.

The Five Stupid Vices are:-
1) Desire
2) Anger
3) Foolishness
4) Arrognance
5) Doubt

The Five Violations that prevent an individual from attaining enlightenment are:-
1) Patricide
2) Matricide
3) Murder of an Arahat
4) Causing disorder in a monastic community
5) Striking a Buddha and causing him to bleed.

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