Game from the Script: Psychics

Most people do not believe in psychics when in actual fact everybody is psychic at a certain degree. Psychics are people who are blessed with the ability to use the higher faculties of the mind. It is said that the devil along with 200 Angels FELL TO EARTH AND NOW ROAM. Psychics will be able to see, feel, hear, smell, and even taste the unseen evils coming. To be a psychic is to be your own ‘spider sense’. In other words, it is to have an in built alarm, radar system going off at the sign of trouble as well as going off telling one to expect blessings.

Psychics can even see, feel, smell, hear, and taste other people’s danger and blessings coming. They hone in on the person’s energy and this trigger off their abilities. Everything is energy and everything vibrates. Those of us who do not have our psychic abilities on high are left defenseless in regards to the unseen. In other words evil could be right in front of us but we cannot even detect it; there is no warning in us whatsoever.

Religion have people believe that it is witchcraft and the devil’s work, yet it doesn’t stop the unseen evil forces making them victims. Even still Hagar in the Bible who was the helper of his wife Sarah, and bore him Ishmael, was a psychic and the first to wear a nose ring in his house. Hagar’s father was Imhotep. These are recorded on tablets not the Roman version of the Bible which is what is being used today. Today’s Bible has truth mixed with lies. The truth must be deciphered.

People get possessed, easily influenced, taunted, haunted, and even tortured just because they are low in their abilities. We can all enhance our psychic abilities through constant practice but some people are born with it on a high level. It’s said that when Edgar Cayce known as the ‘Sleeping Prophet’ was aged between 6 and 7 years old he discovered one evening at home when trying to learn his spellings that he had the ability to “fall asleep” for a few minutes with a school book and when he awoke he not only knew the spellings but could tell on what page and what line the word would be found.

From that evening onwards he had no more trouble and used this gift at home to memorize his lessons. In his early twenties he lost his voice but dignosed himself when a local hynoptist put him in a trance, which enhanced his self sleep induced ability. Edgar indicated the condition was paralysis of the vocal chords due to nerve strain. This was reported to be a psychological condition producing a physical effect and could be removed by increasing the circulation to the affected area through suggestion. He soon discovered that he could do the same for others by going into a self-induced sleep and answer questions that were put to him. Word of his gift soon spread.

Note that Edgar Cayce was a lifelong student of the Bible. He read it everyday, finished it every year and also taught sunday school. He gave readings for free and refused and limited his abilities for the use for the poor, sick, and those who seriously needed his help. During some of his readings he spoke of Atlantis and Reincarnation.

Its said that 7,000–8,000 of his recorded readings are missing but 14 000 readings are still available at The Association for Research & Enlightenment based in Virginia Beach, America and established in 1931.

Young Edgar Cayce

Elderly Edgar Cayce

The Association for Research & Enlightenment

The Association for Research & Enlightenment Library- contains 14 000 of Edgar Cayce’s psychic readings

Psychic abilities are based on the five senses which equates to touch and perception (ultimately perception).

1) Sight (eyes)
2) Hearing (ears)
3) Smell (nose)
4) Taste (tongue)
5) Feeling (skin)

The five senses can become clearer and those who make it clearer are pyschics. The gift or ability are known as:

1) Clairvoyance (clear vision)
2) Clairaudence (clear hearing)
3) Clairalience (clear smelling)
4) Clairgustance (clear tasting)
5) Clairsentience (clear feeling, which comes with high intuition and pyschometry).

Some are born with these gifts on high.

James Van Praagh books are very informative and a great read. His stories are out of this world for real. So many things has happened to him. As stiff as you may be not believing in the unknown, after reading James Van Praagh books it definitely leaves you saying hmmmm. Especially being that his readings come true.

Some psychics were and are evil and will do devilish works with it. Such woman, though wise was evil: Madam Blavatsky (Helena Petrovna Blavatsky).

Madam Blavatsky


Crystals are spiritual tools and psychics use them to enhance their abilities but ultimately for protection. There are demons out there! Crstals can help in every area of life.

These are a few crystals use to help spiritually, mentally and physically.

Dolphins and Whales are also highly psychics, especially Dolphins. It has been said that Dolphins can tap into the Akashic records (universal records containing each and every soul’s lifetime recordings).

YOU ARE A PSYCHIC, EVERYBODY IS BUT SOME MORE IN TUNE THAN OTHERS. You can Practise! It is part of Spiritual Development. You are meant to feel and see evil coming as well as be able to communicate with your ancestors face to face in spirit form.

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