Game from the Script: Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health

Disclaimer: I am not a Scientologist but after reading the works of Dianetics, it seems obvious that a lot of Church of Scientology are continuously breaking the Auditor’s codes, hence creating more engrams and abberration. Whatever thoughts L Ron Hubbard believes about aliens, it cannot be overlooked that his work on Dianetics is one to assess.

Dianetics was greatly studied by L Ron Hubbard who paid for his experiments, analysis and expenses by writing non fiction novels. He was always fascinated by the mind, and eventually found that despite all of mankind’s advances in the physical sciences, a workable technology of the mind and life had never been developed. After this realization, countless of tests and different way of life (culture, traditions, customs and so on – He travelled to different places) were assessed, in order to find out what makes the mind work and how to remedy pain, whether emotional or physical.

Eventually, L Ron Hubbard created Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, which is handbook and one filled with many pratical applications of the healing of the mind. Dianetics is based on facts. It works! This means that any pain, physical or emotional can be released or Cleared completely from the subconscious mind. Though the book was written in the 50’s and many have been using the concepts in the book (truthfully and wrongly), L Ron Hubbard left his findings open for improvements. Dianetics can be improved, the foundation has been set. L Ron Hubbard continued his works with the mind and eventually came into the study of the soul and what it is. In other words, from a pratical method, created for the mind, discovered through many success of patients (Preclears), he delved into Spirituality by default. More specifically, it was the concept or rather the function of imagination that brought him within the realms of the unseen. To imagine and monitor the imagination, somebody had to be doing it as well as looking.

L Ron Hubbard intensified research into the true identity of ‘life energy’, which in Dianetics he called the ‘Center of awareness’ or the I. Soon, it was concluded that the mind was coating himself, commonly known amongst Scientology, which holds the conclusion to high regards, as a Thetan. In other words it is a Thetan that is doing the imagining and monitoring. A Thetan is not a person’s body or he or she’s name, is not the physical universe, his or her mind, or anything else; that is that which is aware of being aware; the identity IS the individual. Meaning that one doesn’t contain anything to be spiritual but IS the spiritual being. The Thetan is most familiar to one and all as you. These perception or conclusion is what formed the basis of the applied religious philosophy of Scientology.

Scientology uses Dianetics, but this doesn’t mean that it uses it well or effectively. Though hynopsis should hardly be used in Dianetics (matter of fact not at all) many Church of Scientology exercise it without knowing. The Auditor (meaning in Latin ‘One who listens’) codes seems to be constantly disrespected, ignored and jeopardized.

Auditor Codes

— A Auditor should be courteous
— A Auditor should be kind
— A Auditor should be quiet
— A Auditor should be trustworthy
— A Auditor should be courageous
— A Auditor should be patient
— A Auditor should be thorough
— A Auditor should be persistent
— A Auditor should be uncommunicative

The more the mind is released and cleared from pain, which Dianetics can do, the more spiritual one can get. It is said that the universe is mental, and Dianetics helps the mental to be healthy. Mind or mental is part of spirit, hence a mental health expresses high spiritual development. It must really be noted that, like with everything in life, Dianetics can be used wrongly. The practical applications have a system to it and if violated will cause a reversal in treatment.

The controversy of the Church of Scientology, associated with L Ron Hubbard, being that he is a non fiction writer, and makes everybody question the religion, is that of the story of Xenu. The story gives anconcept of aliens, who were sent to Earth by the evil Xenu as banishment, eventually inhibiting bodies as souls on earth. The show South Park once abbreviated the story.

It would seem that all religion needs some form of story, no matter how plain or outrageous, for it to have a congregation and stay in existence. This is not to say that Sightings of aliens haven’t been seen or recorded, but it is to say that to start a new religion based on the discovery of Spirituality, a story had to be formed. Whether the story of Xenu is true or false, it is based on belief, just like all religion, which leaves it to question and of course separation, more specifically division. L Ron Hubbard himself wrote the story and as a non fiction writer, it truly does leave one questioning the validity of it (like with all religion but more, moreso, than others).

Nevertheless, the focus, which should be the ultimate focus of Scientology is Dianetics. Dianetics has been proven to work! Hence to dispell the findings would be ignorance to the facts. Scientology should be taking up the challenge to make it better but instead, it has delved into secrency as a secret society. It is needless to say that Scientology is believed to be a very controversial religion, whose ways seem to create more aberrations by isolation, enforcement and invasion of a person’s life, through stalkerish behaviours and monitoring.

The handbook posed many great points about love, war, and women.

Words to Remember

Engrams, Aberration, Preclear

Engrams – A moment of ‘unconsciousness’ containing physical pain or painful emotion and all perceptions, and is not available to the analytical mind as experience. The engram is the single source of aberrations and psychosomatic ills.

Psycho = Mind
Somatic = Body

Aberrations – A departure from rational thought or behavior. From the Latin word aberrare, to wander from.

Preclear – An individual who has entered into and undergoing Dianetic therapy. A person not yet cleared from emotional and physical pain that is held in an engram.

Dianetics found that emotional and physical pain can be recorded from the womb by a baby. The accumulations of pain is located somewhere in the subconscious as engrams, which can be seen as scabs of the mind. Reopening up the scab, will just restimulate the pain it holds.

pg 172

Engrams received as a zygote are potentially the most aberrative, being wholly reactive. Those received as an embryo are intensely aberrative. Those received as the fetus are enough to send people to institutions all by themselves. Zygote, embryo, fetus, infant, child, adult: these are all the same person.

pg 209

The mother, then, should be extremely gentle on herself during pregnancy and those around her should be entirely informed of the necessity for silence after any jar or injury. And in view of the fact that it is not possible to tell when a woman has become pregnant and in view also of the high potentiality of aberration in the zygote and embryo engrams, it is obvious that society must better its ways toward womenif the future health of the child is to be preserved.

The woman has, to some degree, become considered less valuable in this society than in other societies and times. She is expected to be in competition with men. Such a thing is nonsense. A woman has as high a place of activity of man. He cannot compete with her any more than she can compete with him in the fields of structure and vigorous activity.

Much of the social malestorm now in existence has as its hub the failure to recognize the important role of the woman as a woman and the separation of the fields of women and men. The change which will come about in the next twenty years need no urging here. But with the recent discoveries of photosynthesis which should secure enough food to feed man better and at less cost, the importance of birth contro dwindles. The morality standards have already changed, no matter what moralists do to try to block the change. And woman, therefore, can be freed of many of her undesirable chains.

In the custody of man is the current world and its activity and structure. In the charge of woman is the care of the person of the human being and his children. Almost sole custodian of tomorrow’s generation, she is entitled to much more respect than her chattel period of the past gave her. It is not, then, any wild utopian thought that woman can be placed above the hitherto occupied. And soshe must be placed if the childhood of tomorrow’s generation is to reach any high standard, if homesare to be peaceful and unharassed and if society is to advance.

Preventative Dianetics, in the sphere of the home, must place emphasis on the woman in order to safeguard the child.

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