Game from the Script: Book Of Solomon – The Greater Keys of Solomon

WARNING: If you come across this book and feel that you are brave or even ready to exercise the spells, illustrations and intent of this book, thread very, very carefully. Be careful of conjuring up demonic spirits without knowing. Though the book can be used to intent agreeable spirits, it is usually used to conjure up as well as trap, evil spirits.

Another book to be careful of is ‘The Book of Secrets’ which contains greater keys also.

King Solomon was the son of King David who bed Bethsheba, another man’s wife. Bethsheba’s husband whose name was Uzziah was sent into the frontlines of a battle by the order of King David so that he would die. This was done so that King David who was love struck by Bethsheba’s beauty could take her as his wife. This did not please the Most High and so when Bethsheba first became pregnant the baby died. King David was anguished and went on a seven days fasting to repent for his crime. Eventually Bethsheba became pregnant again and Solomon was born. Solomon was mixed raced and evident of this is found in the ‘Songs of Solomon’ in biblical text. Bethsheba was cauasian and King David was dark also known as black.

Nevertheless, Solomon was favoured by the Higher Beings and they taught and revealed to him many secrets of life. He was given the six pointed star which protected from evil spirits. The six pointed star is known by some to be the star of David or the Shield of David.

Six pointed star

King Solomon was also given the five pointed star which enabled him to control evil spirits or demons. These demons were also called Jinn.

Five pointed star

The book(s) show you what symbols to draw and how to open up realms and also what all the symbols mean. It uses the six and five pointed star symbol to accomplish its tasks. Be very careful. The six pointed star is not a ‘Jewish’ symbol it is universal. The so-called Jewish claimed it as their own. The six pointed star also shows the merger of time and space (or light). The upward triangle represents time and the downward triangle represents space or light. In three dimension a triangle is a pyramid.

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