Wink by Roger Hamilton

Roger Hamilton is a Wealth Consultant, and provides personal consultancy to entrepreneurs and CEOs. His effective tools and insights have made him highly sought after throughout Asia. Mr Hamilton is also the creator of the Wealth Dynamics profiling system, which provides a step-by-step strategy for every individual to find their personal path of least resistance to wealth. Some of these great, insightful and life changing messages and practicality can be found in his book ‘Wink’.


The book is about a nine year old boy who goes on a journey after the thought of what it takes to be wealthy occupies his mind. The journey begins when he is sent by his poor father to fetch water. On his way he meets his first character:

The Old Lady who gives him a choice. Soon enough he meets,
The Optician
The Plumber
The Gardener
The Fisherman
The Rower
The Musician
The Inn Keeper

pg 83

They both sat for a while, feeling the autumn breeze. The stream carried them further towards the sea. Rich thought of his father, miserably lying in bed. “So you’re saying that what we do when we’re not working is as important as what we do when we are?” The Rower shook his head. “More important. When you have a vision and a focus, all your best work is done when you’re not working. But remember, Rich, Wealthy people don’t work. They simply follow their passion.

pg 92

When you find your vision and clarity, you find your Wealth. When you find your Wealth, you can focus on how to invest your time. When you invest your time, you create value. When you create value, your wealth begins to flow. When your wealth flows with rhythm and harmony, it begins to resonate.

Roger became a serial entrepreneur, failing many times before becoming a millionaire in his late twenties and retiring at the age of thirty. Now, in his retirement he has committed himself to a vision of World Wide Wealth: Studying and teaching the concept of making money to give away. Now, he owns seven businesses in publishing, design, property, event management, franchising, training and resort management. He currently resides in Singapore, and conducts seminars and coaching throughout Asia.
He is the Chairman of XL Group and XL Results Foundation, Asia’s largest entrepreneur network. He is also the publisher of XL Magazine, Asia’s first magazine dedicated to Social Enterprise. Mr Roger Hamilton Brotherhood Of The Game salutes you.




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