Goddess Intellect (Telisha): Friends with Benefits: The Gray Area In The Bedroom

After going through the pains, frustrations, as well as joy and what seemed to be a meaningful relationship, Telisha, also known as Goddess Intellect decided that the best way to release and be cleared of it all was through blogging. In time many people, women especially, started gravitating towards what she had to say. Most people experince pain in a relationship, whether its through cheating or ‘falling out of love’ but this lady decided to journey into goddesshood.

Having her own radio show, Goddess Intellect was able (as radio shows allow) to reach many more people quickly. Helping others she says, has removed blocks in her love life. Such removal led into the writing of her book Friends With Benefits: The Gray Area In The Bedroom’.The book aims to resolve the issues of those who choose to have friends with benefits. Note, it is to resolve not promote, for many may try the friends with benefits routine just to gain the experience. This book basically addresses what to look out for.

Goddess Intellect is a native of Toronto Canada and her blog has been up for major awards. As she continues her journey many are becoming more aware that it takes more than gimmicks to be a goddess. A relationship does have its mental aspects.


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