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A moment with Jovie Sumner

BOTG: Your book ‘My Brothers & I’ truly expressed a sense of brotherhood that in this day and age, one could say is hard to create. I’ve got to ask, what does Brotherhood mean to you? JS: Your welcome, I love BOTG! Man to me, brotherhood is all about men coming together, to help one […]

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A moment with RoseBudd BitterDose

BOTG: How long were you a pimp for? RB: I turned out when I was 20 and stopped PimPin 25 years later. BOTG: It seems that people have a largely wide misconception about Pimps so set the record straight, what is a Pimp? RB: A PimP is a man that has left what people think […]

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A moment with Lewis H Williams III

BOTG: What makes you a certified relationship advisor? LHW: Never said I was. I just give sound advice based on positive outcome and logic in order to save someone from stress and headaches based on bad decisions. BOTG:When did you know that you were able to advice or attract women? LHW: I just started a […]

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A moment with Tazz Daddy

BOTG: What influenced you to get on radio and to start your company Tazz Daddy Enterprises? TD: I started in radio at 9 years old, making me the youngest brother in the history of the business to get a job in radio. I fell in love with communicating with people. Entertaining people! As I grew […]

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A moment with Royal Flyness

BOTG: What do you think of the feminist movement? RF: While the Feminist Movement has its rightful place in history (beginning centuries ago), many in the present day have confused its original intentions and are using it to fulfil their own agendas. Centuries ago, the movement began as an earnest effort to seek social, political, […]

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A moment with D.J Harmon

BOTG: What makes you a certified Mack? DH:What makes me a mack is the fact that I am a mission to master the game of life through knowledge and understanding. I strive to analyze, understand and manipulate every aspect of life so that I will be in control as much as I possibly can. I […]

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A moment with Janks Morton

BOTG: What made you begin the quest and mission, What Black Men Think? JB: About five years ago on C-SPAN Book TV, Juan Williams and Michael Eric Dyson were debating over Bill Cosby’s commentary at the 50th anniversary of the Brown vs. Board of Education NAACP celebration. During their debate Mr. Williams blurted out a […]

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A moment with Kevin Ferere

GREETINGS TO THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE GAME BOTG: What do you think of the feminist movement? KF: It was a movement that meant well for it’s era and simply got out of hand; because it fed into the selfish side of our human nature. Power can never be trusted. BOTG: What do you think of […]

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A moment with Romaine Masiah Williams

BOTG: What do you think of the feminist movement? RMW: It began as a necessary reaction to what many thought was a good old boy system that excluded them. It found its peak on the wave of the civil rights movement. However, I think that it did make men uncomfortable, if only because roles got […]

A Moment with Mr Locario

BOTG: What makes you a certified relationship advisor? ML:Well I’ve studied the game and I’ve been a dating coach for a few of years now and I’ve helped thousand of people perfect their dating game. I have a couple of books out, two dvd’s, and free audio seminars on my sites MrLocario and Ilooksexynaked BOTG: […]

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