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Simeon Panda (Natural Body Builder)

The London born athlete, Simeon Panda, the natural body builder has shown the world how the body can truly be sculpted. The ferocity of a power lifter is aesthetically impressive natural physiques in the world. Natural is the keyword here, meaning no artifical anything. All that is needed is time, energy and the right attitude. […]

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Djehuty Ma’at-Ra: Healing and Health (Interview with Style Amplified), DhealthStore

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CT Fletcher: Personal Trainer – I Command You To Grow!

I command you to grow!~CT Fletcher CT Fletcher is a personal trainer that makes you work by motivating your mind to work on the matter. Having attitude himself when it comes to lifting weights or generally working out, he motivates others to do the same. Attitude such as, ‘You lift the weights, you don’t let […]

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John Barban: Golden Ratio Adonis

John has spent years studying the human body, exercise and nutrition. He has a bachelor and masters degree in human biology and nutrition from the University of Guelph. He went on to do more graduate work at the University of Florida where he also taught exercise physiology. John Barban’s research is one of those type […]

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Fitness with Mike Chang

Mike Chang gets a big salute for coming up with a great workout plan that can be done at home and without hardly going to the gym. Mr Chang emphasizes that the maximum time limit you really need to work up to is 30 minutes. Mike emphasizes that instead of hours upon hours of training […]

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Dolvett Quince: Body Sculptor

Among the trainers in the NBC’s competitive reality show ‘The Biggest Loser’ is Dolvett Quince (the other two are Bob Harper and fellow newcomer and former tennis pro Anna Kournikova) who help a group of obese men and women lose weight over a 11 week period. The winner receives $250,000. Dolvett Quince not only strive […]

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Surviving IT in the 21st Century: A Survival Guide for the New Employee of Corporate America

Purchase Ebook On Kindle Never become comfortable no matter what your position is. Even CEO’s can be fired.~ Michael Buie This ebook is very informative. Though it was written on the basis of IT, the structure, strategies and knowledge can be used on any organisation structure. The personalities described in the book can be found […]

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It’s all in the Greens

Nature has already revealed the vegetable, fruits or greens that is required for the body, through shape, colour, and texture. Every symptom and illness can be eliminated from the very earth itself. Vegetable, fruits and any other plant, or electric foods all have medicinal and healing properties. We are part of nature and nature (rather […]

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Shaun T: Insanity

One word that describes Shaun T’s workouts is insane or insanity. Been an expertise in his field, Shaun T has devised a DVD plan that is catered for anyone looking to lose weight and tone up. Shaun T works every muscle groups insanely. The DVD is no joke! Though it may seem easy been that […]

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Warrior Time

When you workout and workout hard, you will feel a burn but you should let it. Fibres may break but during rest times, that’s when everything repairs and hardens. You become tougher! The burn is an indication that you are doing something right. Let it burn! “It’s Warrior time, so I’m preparing. Gladiator, my muscles […]

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