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Reading is a form of Meditation

When you focus your mind you are in meditation. Meditation is all about focus and concentration which ultimately equates to control. Control of breathing, control of thoughts, control of emotions, ultimately control of yourself is vital to achieve great results in meditation. Meditation esults in feeling in control, in feeling balanced, necessary to have a […]

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Paul C. Brunson on starting the new incredible site and movement KNOWLEDGE SHARE

In August 24th, just a few weeks before Paul C. Brunson birthday, he thought life couldn’t be better and remembers telling his wife that morning “I’m so happy right now.” He says: I’ll never forget Jill’s response. She gave me a warm smile, a tight hug, and said “I feel the same way, too.” As […]

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The Zone called Friend

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REMINDER: Understand that emotions can make people do crazy things

Breaking up doesn’t mean that feelings have dissipated. Being in love with someone and then finding out that they no longer want to be with you can be heartbreaking. The feelings don’t instantly go away but need to be handled gradually. It is a process that needs to be gone through until moving on completely. […]

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Brotherhood Watch: GrandMaster Mantak Chia on Sexual Longevity

Grandmaster Mantak Chia was trained by various Monks and Masters of energy control hence spirituality, and has been teaching for over 40 years. All his books are centered on energy control of the body as well as outside of it, and being that sexual energy is the most powerful energy, Mantak Chia emphasizes upon the […]

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A Website where you can make apps

If you are advance in programming the websiteS or app creating will serve you well. Website Appypie Zoho ifreetools

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About the Friendship Zone

Men seem to confuse the entire concept of being friends. On one hand, every man knows that a relationship is great with a woman when they are lovers AND friends, but on the other hand putting the term zone at the end of friends makes friendship a dreaded interaction. On one hand men understand the […]

Brotherhood Watch: Bell Biv Devoe

After so many years, Bell Biv Defoe are still together, still maintaining their brotherhood to earn their income. That is consistency and has so far defeated the stigma that boy groups won’t last. Still going strong, Bell Biv Defoe, the Brotherhood Of The Game salutes you. Website Bellbivdevoe

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The Hoe-Player Dynamic

There are many perspectives about what a hoe is and its often used as a negative term to mean a woman who sleeps around or a prostitute (a woman who gets paid for sleeping around). Other terms like slut or whore may be used as well, but the common term is hoe. Despite the negative […]

Sin Ful The P – Give Her A Reason

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