The Zone called Friend

One particular definition of the term zone is defined as:

‘an area or stretch of land having a particular characteristic, purpose, or use, or subject to particular restrictions.’

Let’s break this down!

The major focus is that zone is a stretched land having a particular characteristic, purpose, or USE.

There are many talks about what a friend zone is, getting put in it, and getting out of it. Many men try to get away from the particular restrictions that the friendship zone IMPLIES. This is understandable, the restrictions can make it difficult to be more or for her to even reconsider. But this is not the major focus although it is an obstacle. But obstacles can be overcome, either by going around it or ramming through it. The POWER and CHOICE is still the man’s.

Perceiving the friendship zone as a land already gives the perception that his area, circumference, space, path has been widened to get to know the woman, his supposedly friend, more. A spy is an individual that can blend in and collect information using it for a greater benefit. The same concept applies to being in the zone called friend, only difference is that it is the woman that INVITES the man in, which indirectly or subconsciously means inviting the man into her world.

Let there be no delusion here, being called a friend by the subject of desire and the implied restrictions that comes with it, can be irritating and depressing, BUT it can all change! There are various proof of two individuals that used to be ‘friends’ now sleeping together or in a relationship with children very much in love. Some couples now use the term BEST FRIEND. All of a sudden the man she put in the friendship zone becomes the only man she calls BEST. From a psychological perspective this makes sense because friends can become very close and the closeness can stimulate emotional attachment. One of the PURPOSE of operating within the zone would be to make her emotionally attached which makes it diffcult for her not to think of you especially since great masculinity is being demonstrated. Many evident has proven that THE FRIENDSHIP ZONE IS NOT PERMANENT.

Granted that there are some men in the friendship zone titled as BEST friend already, this just reveals how close he is to her in the zone for him to operate. If he does like her and wants more, the best friend is closer than anyone to do so. By being called BEST he gets information without hesitation, and as every individual knows knowledge (information) is power.

Metaphorically speaking, the way out of the zone called friend is to decorate the zone with your presence and manliness. Another PURPOSE whilst operating within the zone would be to operate from inside out while USING the title friend to collect information. The term friend can therefore be perceived as the term spy while fulfilling the purpose to infiltrate her mind UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL, just like she has allowed it. All her defenses will be down!

Remember that even boy-FRIEND does some of the things a ‘friend’ does so being in the zone doesn’t mean that a woman cannot be helped or that the man has to be mean or disrespectful just to show thug like behaviour or just to prove that calling him friend is stupid. Being in the zone means not acting like her female friends or decreasing masculinity. It doesn’t mean apologising for being a man or apologising for liking her and making it known, it means SHOWING her that she put a MAN and strong masculine energy that can complement her feminine. Being in the zone means exercising the right CHARACTERISTICS that increases the probability and possibility of destroying all restrictions.

Depending on a man’s behaviour, attitude, and character, change could occur quickly or be prolonged. One of the PURPOSE of operating within the zone is to stimulate a change in her no matter how small. A little change is still change and will begin to destroy most if not all the conclusive notions that she has made about categorizing him as a friend. Feeling the change means that she has to reassess every reason why she got a MAN OF CHARACTER in the zone called friend.

Although the term friend is dreaded, logic states that it is needed first to progress quickly with a woman, as if friendship is a conduit between strangers and lovers. Perceived as:


By perceiving friendship as a conduit then it makes sense to gladly want it. From this perception it means that the zone is a conduit. Perceived as:


To get in the zone and drop that Z to be the one is for a man to eliminate the title stranger and become her ‘friend’ (more than a stranger).


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