The Hoe-Player Dynamic

There are many perspectives about what a hoe is and its often used as a negative term to mean a woman who sleeps around or a prostitute (a woman who gets paid for sleeping around). Other terms like slut or whore may be used as well, but the common term is hoe.

Despite the negative expressions used behind the term there is another perspective that emphasizes upon the necessity of a woman being a hoe, and expresses hoe in a positive light. It is this perspective that will allow a man to realize that he needs the mindset of a player because games indeed need players, but better yet it reveals the necessity of a Pimp’s mentality.

Let’s break this down.

All women can be perceived as a HOLE due to their vagina while all men can be perceived as a PAYER due to the notion that men have to pay someway, somehow to get a woman. But there are two types of PAYERS, the PAYER that spends and the PAYER that invests, and it is from these two types that the terms Hustler, Mack, Pimp, square, lame, and trick are emphasized. When a PAYER approaches a woman or is approached by a woman he reveals the type that he is through words, behaviour and mannerisms.

The letter l from hole (from woman) can be added to payer therefore giving the term player hence revealing woman as a hoe. This occurs automatically when a woman really likes a man. The dynamic is more of a shared dynamic, meaning that the woman has to share her hole to be a hoe so that the man can maintain player status. The hoe-player dynamic can be summed up as HOPLEYER, which is the word hole and payer combined, which is solidified when a woman really likes and loves a man. She is willing to keep the payer a player so that she can remain a hoe. In turn the player wants to remain a player to a woman willing to be a hoe for hoes are really cheerleaders that keeps his status high. The realization that is gained from the interaction is that A WOMAN IS MEANT TO BE A HOE TO HER MAN! This begins the train of thought of the term hoe being perceived in a positive light.

The letter l from the term hole (a woman) represents lust, love, and listening, thereby revealing the attributes that a payer needs to stimulate the hole for her to become a hoe. It is the payer that invests that is perceived as the true player. It is he who puts sex or lust last in order to remain self-controlled while assessing whether she is worth investing time, money, and energy. The payer that invests is not trying to buy her affection (like the spender) but he is trying to assess whether she’s a profit. If he combines his company with her company he wants to know if it will be beneficial.

Such a behave and mannerism is most likely going to stimulate a woman to be a hoe to her now perceived player. She starts to realize that sex for this man (the investor type) is not a big deal but that SHE is to him. So while she is listened to as he spreads love just by being lovely, her lust and love gains direction and the player can now instruct and influence his hoe to be all she can be as an investment. Like a true cheerleader to a player, she will do all she can willingly striving to be the best hoe she can, to keep him a player.The player that invests doesn’t really get used but he gets catered too, he gets cheered for, and she is willing to help him with (G)rowth (A)mbition (M)otivation (E)xcellece. Helping her player in everyway is the best currency to her because by being with him she would have realized that investments lead to profit. Just being with him is a continuous payment to her like a trick giving money to a prostitute, but her man is no trick, he is a player and she’ll make sure of it.

Her payment is G.A.M.E and as she grows, its more likely that she’ll become aware that to go higher, to gain more profit, (S)acrifices must be made. So then, she does what she must, she is hoish as best as she can be to her player, to maintain the (G)rowth (A)mbition (M)otivation (E)xcellence (S)acrifices in her man and herself. If the sacrifice is for her to learn something new or read various books, she’ll do it to keep her man a player and herself a hoe. This is stimulated by a man, he must remember to be attentive to her!

The player that invests solidifies the l to him through continuous listening and playing. A play-er plays! and she wants to cheerlead while play-ing with him. Such a man is not too serious but show dedication to her and self-improvement. He communicates with her the best he can because he knows that a great hoe will take him far, and will treat him as a King, and their surroundings like a kingdom. All her lust, her love that is solely directed to him without hesitation is enough to understand that a woman just wants a man who will totally respect her so that she can be free to express herself and calm to look after what needs looking after. The player that invest learns a lot just by making her feel great about herself and stimulating the necessity in her that she is the biggest profit that he will ever have.

The payer that spends approaches things differently. A payer that spends feels that he needs to buy a woman’s affection, her presence, and her contact. He spends his time and energy on expressing effort to be perceived as a great potential. But the constant spending usually stimulates a rise in a golddigging mentality in a woman. A woman can feel that it is okay to be a golddigger or have the golddiger’s mentality and strive to squeeze as much money as she can out of the spender, like a little child asking for a lists of present from a Santa.

No matter how much a spender flosses, no matter how much he blings, it stimulates no respect from a woman only acceptance. The reason why she would accept him is obvious, and that is to get whatever she needs out of the man. From her standpoint it is logical to use a man who is willing to spend on her anytime just to keep her around or happy. She can be with such a man but respect can be difficult to give to him because he is not perceived as a true player but perceived as someone who uses only material gains as an attempt to get what he wants. This translates to a lack of G.A.M.E and a woman sees this.

Although a woman can sleep with a spender and act hoeish, it is all an act compared to the hoe who STRIVES to keep her man a player. A woman is usually using a spender who can be perceived as a fake player because some women share her hole to use a spender, while sleeping with someone else who is probably a true player (one that invests). The realization from this interaction should reveal to every man that NO WOMAN LIKES TO BE BOUGHT! Women can be influenced, persuaded, but attempting to buy her, well that opens doors to be used if she hasn’t walked away. This reveals that PROSTITUTES USE MEN TO GET PAID.

The spender shows that company with her leads to bankruptcy. He may have all the money to keep spending but it is still bankrupcty if she isn’t fully emotionally INVESTED or really a cheerleader. A cheerleader (a woman) wants to cheerlead for a true player (an investor). The l she shares with a payer that spends (if she does share it) is weak. If she does try to truly feel for the man (the spender) she will true to solidify this by attempting to turn him into a true player.

By looking at various marriages, it is quite obvious which one the investor or spender types are. A woman (the cheerleader) behaves differently. For a player that invests to marry his hoe means love and happiness. For a payer that spends while he thinks he is a true player because of her boosting him while using him to marry, he is THINKS she is marry him for him yet ironically she is marry him for love and happiness therefore willing to keep him happy through fakery.


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