Reading is a form of Meditation

When you focus your mind you are in meditation.

Meditation is all about focus and concentration which ultimately equates to control.

Control of breathing, control of thoughts, control of emotions, ultimately control of yourself is vital to achieve great results in meditation. Meditation esults in feeling in control, in feeling balanced, necessary to have a balanced life.

There are many types of meditation and books like the Book of Secrets by Osho can attest to it with its many case studies and examples.

What is often not mentioned as a meditation is reading. Reading puts the mind in a meditative state and this is no different when trying to ‘read’ an individual.

When reading, the mind is focused and concentrated as each line of a book is read and Laws of Attraction begins to align to the thought process. Laws of Attraction is based on a focused, concentrated mind. This is the reason why it is important to choose what you are reading. What is operating while reading is imagination and imagination plays a part in attracting what you desire or want. Your intent to absorb the information that you are reading becomes part of the imagination therefore contributing to the alignment of your thoughts (stimulated by the information in the book) whether you are conscious of it or not. In the book Abraham by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Abraham states through Esther Hicks using her as a medium, that if thought is held for 17 seconds the individual begins to align with it. The entity known as Abraham continues to state that it takes 68 seconds for the thought to begin to manifest.

Reading focuses thought although emotions can still be stimulated. To read many books is to practise meditation as well as being a process of exercising your mind which in turn stimulates your brain to get stronger. The brain is a muscle and needs exercise if it is to get stronger and better at organizing and delivering information. In other words, remembering information or being a genius is not only given to individuals born with it. The book by Robert Greene can attest to this. The many examples of ordinary individuals who later became known as masters or genius of their craft is remarkable.

In the game of life reading is a process that opens up many opportunities to make effective moves to succeed. The overall symbol of meditation is a Dark-Black dot in the middle of a circle, which is a symbol of the sun, and gives a focal point for the mind hence the brain. By focusing on the dot you are in meditation.

Dark-Black Dot

While reading puts your mind in a meditative state it means that reading also stimulates the third eye, thereby increasing thought functionality and Extra Sensory Perception (ESP). This has been demonstrated in the Book Maltilda by Roald Dahl, which has been turned into a film although the film expresses the result of the increase as stress or annoyance.

Reading is exercise for the mind, brain, and third eye! The more you read and acquire knowledge, the stronger you’ll be mentally. For the skin-flesh known as the physical vessel or body to be at one with the mind, it must also be exercised.

Everything vibrates and this includes the ink on a paper. So as the eyes which also vibrate because you are vibrating, reads the vibrating ink on the vibrating paper the individual becomes more in tune with it. This has been expressed in the film The Butterfly Effect. The acknowledgement also reveals the power of writing. By writing down your thoughts, which now becomes vibrating ink off on vibrating paper, and then reading it back to yourself, you become more in tune with it. Reading your thoughts on paper which you can now hold repeatedly, increases the power of manifestation. Repeated words is also perceived as chanting thereby expressing the spell-ings on the paper to be Ka-st. The anient Kemetic (Egyptian) term for spirit is KA so reading your thoughts, the spell-ings on paper, repeatedly can be perceived as Ka-sting the spell-ings.

There are more than one ways to meditate but the one that can done with eyes open or through touch is also a powerful one.

Remember the R in G.A.M.E.R means Reading.

Stay exercising (G)rowth (A)mbition (M)otivation (E)xcellece (R)eading

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