King's Crown

The aim of every man (whether players, Macks, pimps, simps, ballers, gangsters, tricks, captain-save-a-hoes, no matter what the titles) is to be King (on top). Every man is born the same way, through the same process but every man’s circumstance are different. Even if a man is born king, there is a difference between having the title and having the power (the influence-the respect).

So in essence every man will struggle to have power and respect. A King is a leader. To be King in a relationship means to be a leader, the head. A Queen cannot be King but she can help him be a better one.

Most men will never reach kingship because of their attitude and how they manage time. For most men time is spent on chasing women instead of handling business. Only a few invest time to better themselves. When a man positions himself as a king women come from all over. Some will even be willing to be his concubine (sex slave). It starts from inside out not outside in, most men cannot be ‘king’ because they do not understand this concept.

Renaissance men could be said to be close to kingship but as stated before, there is a big difference between having the title and the power and respect. A king that will lead and rule for a long time is one that is respected and influential. People are just willing to let him have power over them and their household. But a true king doesn’t use power to dominate his people, rather he uses it to empower his people and to better his surroundings.

If his people are empowered, they will have the power to empower others and the conlusion is a powerful nation. A man in his relationship must better himself first and he will be suited to be king everyday (not just by title). Then he can empower his woman who will have the power to empower their kids (if they have any). If there are no kids, she will strive to better his lifestyle to keep him as a king. In return she gives him power by empowering him and reassuring him that she truly is his queen (not by title alone) and the cycle goes on. This in essence is true submission. A woman (queen) HELPING a man (king) to remain on top.

This is fair because a King and Queen rule side by side, there is no domination here. But both do have their roles. Its Ying (feminine) and Yang (masculine) all over again. Ying (woman) cannot be Yang (man) and Yang (man) cannot be Ying (woman), there is balance. There is completion.

Ying and Yang symbol

The Ying (woman) and Yang (man) symbol

So long as a man does his role and better himself everyday and a woman does her role and better herself everyday there will always be balance and there will always be attraction. No matter what, a King and a Queen will always need each other to have heirs (children) to the throne. It is the man’s (the king) job to establish the throne (his household) then his woman (the queen) can make a home out of it. His woman (wisdom) will merely follow him (knowledge). Half and Half always makes a whole (balance).

A pimp (power, effective in his relationship) is like a king to his hoes.
A Simp (feeble and ineffective in his relationship) is not seen as a king at all. He is a walk over. But to be king, a man has to be fluid like water. He must be able to improvise, adapt and overcome. He must be able to read the moment and decide efficiently.

In his ebook ‘The Descent Power: Thoughts on the Great Transformation and how to master it’, Robert Greene states:

The higher you go, the more you enter the realm of strategy, which requires depth of thinking and true perspective.

It goes on to say:

The fluidity you gain will more than compensate for any momentary loss of control.

A man has to be fluid while he master self. It is not the crown or what the crown is made of that determines a king. It is not the name or the ring. It is not symbols or signs but it is the determination to self improve. One shouldn’t strive for power but self improvement because there lies the power. Power will come automatically.

The ebook by Robert Greene in regards to power, states:

You want more contact with the world, no matter how chaotic and challenging that might be, because power lies in moving in that direction and exploiting the moment.

King's Crown2


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5 Responses to Kings

  1. I have been following you since UPA and the knowledge that you spit is above all else. Keep it it brotha!

  2. Came looking for a link for the yin and yang. Yes all here is common sense. Read the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu. If you read it and seriously without arrogance, read yourself, you know your way, and if you change for the worse (like i have), you know how you lost your way. Now all you have to do is add Buddah ''live in the moment'' and God in the real world (not this computer generated world) et voila my universal theory. (STEAK) You see then that the 1st of the 81 is infact technically an error which makes it yin and yang also, and that this world functions that way. Why? Because i believe the bio electrical energy fuels each galaxy and that biological life exists in each galaxy. This links to God in the real world. So the documentary: ''What We Still Don't Know.'' Has been completed by me and should merge Scientology together in balance. Well you better tell someone coz religion and science are still arguing and it is now a taught subject. 1 other thing: herb = variable I.Q given that the thought process can speed up to a point where in perhaps 1 min you can explain non stop 30 mins of what you thought out loud. And I'm clean.

  3. P.S I have no aim I live in the moment and have done since a very young age. I got lucky you see most have to forage. Others have so much wealth already through family etc they don't need to work. However their mind set of those people leads to eternal socialites and that you need to have done this already whilst living in the moment then done the exact opposite and become a recluse absorbed in philosophy and shamanic journey's with herb from the earth to have mad the scientific and religious discoveries without knowing or aiming planning to do anything throughout. (in my case gaming is my flaw and i simply cannot change the addiction, nor want to improve myself, only my virtual gaming self, lmao ironic isn't it).

  4. @K Warmack, appreciate that, heart felt for real.

    @ O Manders, you a very deep person. Thank you for your insight.Going to check out the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu. Thanks.

    • NP man. I hope you find it enlightening a note on Krishna too from a book dialoge i read from a master: ''As long as you have Krishna you are always laughing.''
      I realised though: You would always need to have it. To keep that altered brain pathway from the THC you need to constantly be on it. It might be enlightening but that mass knowledge is destined to be forgot or wasted. Pleasure finding and BM this site will check more of it out in the future. Careful with the Tao too, my friend spent a while finding a version for me. There are many out there. The 1st rule was there is not 1 God (which explains my comment earlier).

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