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A lot of men find it hard to get or keep a woman. The lack of ability to get women can result negatively in a man’s work. His mission suffers. Some men go to extreme length to pay for a woman’s company, trying to fill the emptiness of not knowing what to do to attract or keep a woman. Desperation surfaces. Many men have it backwards, to get a woman or keep a woman is to change focus. The perception that women are givers instead of receivers first has to be destroyed. A man makes the first move. He leads!

Most men, lets say 95%, focus on the physical attribute to get and keep a woman. Physical attributes attract but in no way does loving her body keep her. Women are internal beings. Everything is on the inside. Everything is feeling based. The insides of a woman is much more important than the outside. This unknown phenomena got men ‘forcing time’ trying to make things happen quickly with women. Most men usually rush to get at a woman, aiming to be first before another man gets there. To a woman, it reveals his sexual intentions. Patience is a virtue! Taking time to know a woman will allow her to instill the man in her being. She starts to mirror the man subconsciously. He gets in her system.

Another man may get there first with hastiness only to run into many problems that hastiness brings. Much more obstacles appears without strategy. Hasty men may get into a relationship with a woman later to realize that it will not last. He wasn’t prepared! He was too busy competing to lead. A lot of men have instabilise themselves with the notion that the longer they wait, the sooner they will be put into the friendship zone. Nonsense! A man is put into the friendship zone by the way he ACTS not in his ability to wait. The ability to wait brings stability. He does nothing stupid. He does nothing to put her off and better yet it gives him time to strategize.

Don’t get titles confused with virtues fellas. Women can say or do a lot of things to test a man. What they feel soon becomes apparent through the contradictions of what was said or done before. Women are led by emotions and emotions are unpredictable.This explains why a guy who doesn’t take no for an answer eventually succeeds. Still, understand that sucess in getting a woman does not mean stability.

Money will not keep her but it helps. Financial freedom will enable most women to tolerate a man. This doesn’t ensure respect or her love. Women have been known to cheat while claiming to be in ‘love’. Not even love can make a woman stay. Being led by her emotions gets her in trouble. The unpredictability of emotions allows women to be easily controlled. Yet this two edged sword can cause a man to be cheated on in a relationship. The remedy is to focus on the soul!

The Mind of a woman is a pathway to her soul,
The eyes of a woman are the window to the soul,
The Heart of a woman is the gateway to her soul,
The Name of a woman is the identity of her soul,
The vagina of a woman is an entrance to her body.

Connecting to a woman’s mind, keeps her acknowledgement of a man. A woman finds herself thinking of the man. He is smart, charming, he is everything she wants him to be. He occupies her mind.

The heart is a fragile organ. Women are easily hurt. The heart should be seen like a petal, handled with care with the words of assurance and encouragement. ‘Praising’ and ‘worshipping’ her for her looks or the way she does things only translates to insecurities. More appreciation is needed not adoration. A woman wants to be loved and wants to be reassured that pain can be taken away by a man. Confirming that male energy is powerful enough to make her feel safe. This will open up her heart, knowing that it is safe to do so.

A woman loves the sound of her name just like everybody else. Familarity and security is created. Connecting to a woman’s soul or spirit is what will keep her! It is what will get inside her. Focusing on her soul translates to ATTENTION. Women seek attention. The DIRECTION of your eyes fellas is an indicator to how attentive you are. Focus it on hers! This is the first link. It is like playing computer games. When you take your eyes off the screen, you lose! You need to be focused to win. While playing computer games the fingers or the pad is hardly ever looked at, the concentration is on the screen. The fingers to your pad becomes automatic. Same thing here, she will focus on you by focusing on her. Attention is a two way process, certain behaviours become automatic.

Connection means never parting so do not break it. Increase it! The vagina connects to a woman’s body NOT her soul. She has needs to. Having sex will not keep her! It doesn’t matter how good you are, she can still cheat. Connecting to the internal components will align her emotions towards you. Making her feel connected will make her feel for you. Each path that leads to her soul will bring emotional attachment. It will increase in connection. You do yourself a disservice without connection. Focus on her soul!

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5 Responses to Focus on her Soul

  1. I see what you sayin, but this is borderline “simpin”. That’s how a square thinks, “what can I do to please her”. F that. It’s the woman’s job to keep a man, cuz all we really want is that vagina, we can get over that emotional soulmate connection bs with one woman, cuz the world is filled with new vagina, ready and willing. Why u think brothers be quick to snatch up a white woman? Cuz they appreciate the value of the black MAN.

    We are men, we here to provide, we gotta focus on this money. And the woman should play her position and hold her man down. I’ll be damned if I take my eyes off the prize to focus on what a fickle, emotional woman wants, ESPECIALLY if you keep stressin how fast some of these hoochies will cheat on yo azz.

  2. First of all thank you for your response. This post was not done for a man to stray from his mission. You said that a man just wants the vagina anyways, a woman already knows this.It is a square that makes this obvious. He doesn’t strategize. Focusing on connecting on her insides (her mind, heart and soul) will keep her around. She will WANT to fall into position.

    You CANNOT make a woman (no matter what the race) fall into position by force. A woman stays because she wants to. A man has to be able to stimulate that want. This requires connection. It is not borderline simping if a man is still acting like a man. A Simp can NEVER connect with a woman. This is evident as he gets used and abused. The world is full of new vaginas but a man can have all vaginas if he makes a connection with all of them (think about it!). There was no mention of chasing or buying a woman’s affection, DON’T please, CONNECT! Some men expect women to just fall into position when they are still strangers. A man leads a woman to follow. She starts to do it when a man stays focus on the prize, his mission.

    You made some good points comrade. But understand that even a pimp uses his mouthpiece more than his backhand to make a woman stay. She feels that connection with him. Some pimps don’t have to use the backhand for a woman to want to fall into position. A skillful man uses a woman’s emotions to make her drawn to him.

    • I understand what you saying, like pimps say, pimpin is born, not made. So attracting a woman is no problem for a brother with game, and keeping them aint a thing neither. A pimp knows a woman’s psychology, and that’s why he has that power over her.

      But pimpin aside, if a brother is looking for a good woman, there’s still a LIMIT to the TIME and EFFORT he gonna put in to keep her around. I could get my ex back if I wanted to, but I dont. It’s almost a vicious cycle being on top of your game. Cuz now the chick wanna be around you 24/7! I just dont want brothers to work so hard to keep a woman, only to get bored a year or 2 later cuz she so emotionally attached. See what Im saying?

      So I guess that’s the next level, what do you do when you master women to such a degree, that it aint even fun no more? That’s where Im at. And even if I was to find the baddest chick in the world, only way to keep her around is to treat her like she aint ish. No gorilla pimpin, no backhandin. I know the game brother, I was born with it. I just think the modern day woman just aint worth the extra effort. But hey, for brothers who still wanna chase, do you. But always keep in mind, that 9 times outta 10 these “bitches aint shit but hoes and tricks!”

      Ask Tiger Woods! Ask Mel Gibson! Even HALLE BERRY got cheated on! I bet you Beyonce get cheated on rt now! U think Jay give a fuck? Look at his whole attitude to women b4 Bey, and see why she still around. He still focused, and bout his paper. Def learn the game brothers, but do not sacrifice your precious life and manhood trying to keep no woman. If that hoe wants to go, let her go! and celebrate! Get back to workin on YOUR self, connect with YOUR inner world and mind, and you wont have to worry about keepin a woman, cuz you’ll be fightin em off with a stick.

      Much respect

    • 4kebg9 Good point. I hadn't thought about it quite that way. 🙂

  3. Understood. But not all brothers want to jump from female to female. Some are happy to get a dime than twenty of them chickenheads. The dick is a precious thing, you can’t be sticking it into anything. Hence why it is clled the Jewels. Most brothers don’t understand this.

    Connecting with a woman limits time and effort with the energy that he uses to get her. Thats why a brother should do it. Emotional attachment is like an invisible string that doesn’t need to be pulled on to make a woman respond. It merely needs to be strengthen.

    Tiger Woods and Mel Gibson are Simps. Prime example of no connection with a woman. They thought money was all that was needed to get respect. Sadly they learnt the hard way.As for Beyonce, her status has been increased with Jayz. This does not mean they is love or respect. Its a nice strategy of security. But I’ll give it to Jayz, he doesn’t go on Simpish.

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