Do not forget the chakra points (Sex or Relationship)

Chakra points

Everything we know is determined by what we see. Our eyes see using light so we think we know all there is to see. Yet when the eyes are closed we only go by what we have seen (what we think we know) and not what could actually be there. The Toltecs (artist of spirit) call life a Dream. They call all this an illusion. To wake up from the Dream (this world) is to realize that you are Dreaming.

The point is although a lot of people will detest the existence of chakra points and aura, it does exist even though you don’t see it. There are many who can see them, such person was Edgar Cayce.

You may be thinking what is the purpose of pointing this out. Well by realizing the existence of seat or chakras, sex, relationships and health will and can be increased by understanding how chakras play their part. Premature ejaculating can disappear. One can also gain the four major spiritual senses, 1) psychometry, 2) intuition, 3) telepathy and 4) extra sensory perception [ESP]. There is more to life than the light (sunlight) our eyes uses to see.

Chakra points2

There are 7 seat or chakra points commonly used. Chakra points are spiritual attributes of the body and they are connected to physical attributes of the body called glands. Glands and chakras are connected together just like the physical vessel (the flesh and organs) and spiritual vessel (mind, spirit and soul) are connected by the heart beat, beating them as one.

Sex and relationship is not just a physical thing. It is not all bang, bang and then tolerate each other. Sex is a tool and done right, an enhancement of the body. Man (+, positive flow of nature) and woman (-, negative flow of nature) come together and create a charge (+-) or recharge.

Glands-endocrine system

Sex can transcend both partners into different states. A relationship can merge by aura (this is true marrige- two becoming one). When the seat or chakra points are balanced the body feels at peace. By monitoring the body or how you feel, you automatically know that one (or more) of your chakra points needs increasing.

Working on the root and splenic chakra would benefit men who want to perform great in bed. Tantric sex is the ability to hold back ejaculation for a long time and by adding this to the stability of the required chakras(root and splenic) performance will be different, better and great.



The seat or chakra spiral towards each other, therefore mixing energies together. Sex, love and relationship is a continuous process. Each partner must express and journey together to merge energies. Sex or a relationship is not a destination, it is just a beginning. Sex is not just a physical act but mental and spiritual as well.

Chakra Meditation

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