Diminishing Standards

Diminishing Standards

Like most men who have their life together, I like my women In shape. Sometimes I feel like I should’ve been born in the 50’s just to live in the 70’s era. Personally I think back then black women were th s#@*. Damn 9 out 10 were shaped like desiny child members. In this day and age a vast majority are shaped like the female cast of precious.(overweight, obese, or morbidly obese)


“According to recent studies, 50 percent of African-American women are obese compared to only 40 percent of Mexican-American women and only 30 percent of White women.”

Why it’s men faults?

I’m sure alot of playas, would like to point the finger at the sisters and blame them for this mishap. But the opposite is true.  Let’s think for a second playas, somebody has to be banging this broads.  They have to be getting d*$k from somewhere.  For the most part, women and men alike look good to attract mates.  You ain’t brushing for hours upon hours trying to get waves for yourself, let’s just keep it real.  And she ain’t spending 4+ hours 2-3x a month in the hair, and nail salon getting right for herself.  Now that we know that black men are the reason for this let’s see how we can fix it.  Only about 30 percent of white women obese, and have you heard a white man from anywhere except the South talk about a fat chick? (1 word RUTHLESS) Most white men are repulsed by fat chicks and they treat white chicks in their community like a damn freak.


So the only logical solution I can see is for you kats to stop banging these sloppy broads!  We really need to get our standards up as men in the black community.  Things are getting out of hand.  Most dudes in the black community wanna just fck anything with a phat azz, and that’s not the business playas.  You have to realize that any chick you smash is a potential mate.  Any chick that you have sex with can possibly birth your child.  Do you want a chick who’s gonna die of a heart attack at age 50, or one that can barely walk a few blocks before having an asthma attack?  Don’t believe me?  You know how sad it is, everytime I walk through the mall, I said atleast 2-3 dudes who thought they was just getting some azz, only to be locked down by a 200lb broad looking like a damn hungry hungry hippo who he knocked up. And the looks on these kats faces is of depression.SMFH!  What does the U.S. do when it want another country to do what it wants, it puts a an embargo on that country and just cuts off all trade, and any type of relationship altogether. So if you want the sistahs to step it up with their fitness and health?  Put an embargo on it.

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5 Responses to Diminishing Standards

  1. So true, for men and women. Good post

  2. Just so happened to stumble upon your site looking for something else. I'm a black woman and I can't agree with you more. I'm a size 8-10 and have been that way most of my life. And not because I just have good genes, it's because I care enough about myself not to get sloppy. It's not just for the fellas, it's for me. Once I see things getting out of control I get in the gym asap and fall back on them sweets. Besides, I like how I look in a two piece. I say the same thing about these chicks. But they throw on some stretch pants and walk down the street looking at me like I'm hungry so I know some of yall got to be hittin' that even though most brothas claim they not..

  3. And on that note, some of these brothers is getting out of control too. One ex boyfriend of mine now has a pot belly and a bald head. Somebody told him that look good. Must be the chick you got posted in the picture. If I take time to get in shape, I want my man to care about his weight/health too.

    • Good for you, sistah. I agree 100 percent with you. I am actually surprised that you agree with this statement because a lot of sistas (mostly the obese ones) are in denial of the current state of physical affairs.

      A lot of these sistas these days are real sloppy with it because they got thirsty ass dudes that keep chasing them down. I was one of those dudes who used a few fatties as long as they had ass on them but I have phased that out of my routine because there is a psychological indiscipline associated with obese women (and men) which I cannot afford to have in my life even for a booty call.

      After the lust factor was over, I had a certain despise for a person who doesn't have the self respect to get their body in shape for themselves.

      As a man, I am forced to step up my game and a woman should consequently have to do the exact same.
      If I go out smelling funky with no haircut and dirty clothes, women are going to snub me and they will make no excuses about it.
      The exact same judgement should be applied to obese women.

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