Paul C. Brunson on starting the new incredible site and movement KNOWLEDGE SHARE

In August 24th, just a few weeks before Paul C. Brunson birthday, he thought life couldn’t be better and remembers telling his wife that morning “I’m so happy right now.”

He says:

I’ll never forget Jill’s response. She gave me a warm smile, a tight hug, and said “I feel the same way, too.”

As we embraced, I looked out our kitchen window, thinking about what I just said and feeling as if I maybe should not have expressed my extreme bliss, for fear something would happen to destroy it.

Less than a week later, that fear was realized.

My best friend of 19 years (Andre Smith), someone my family and I are so close to my youngest son (Liam) called “Daddy 2,” tragically died.

My world crumbled.

Emotionally, I wasn’t prepared for it (as if anyone could).

The last several weeks since Andre’s death, I simply shutdown – I stopped working, mostly stayed offline, and mourned alongside my wife, family, and friends.

I was told “the death of a loved one is something you never forget but you learn to live with it.” I’m slowly accepting that new normal. To help me move beyond a state of morning, I’m proud to say I’ve started running (Andre ran a Half Marathon every year and always asked me and my wife to join him but we never thought we could make the run). Now, my wife and I are training to run that same half marathon next year!

Paul and his wife Jill

What has also helped me get through the pain is planning for the future. Andre and I had big plans. I’m going to honor him by fearlessly going after those goals. I believe his spirit lives in me!

It’s for that reason, I’m announcing something very important to me.

I’m changing my career…

…and becoming a full-time teacher!

Not from a traditional teacher standpoint but through my own platform – Knowledge Share. Knowledge Share is a community I’ve dreamt of starting for a long time. Andre was a huge supporter of the idea and encouraged me to launch earlier but I always put other projects before it.

No longer.

Knowledge Share officially opens its doors today.

That said, remember I’m still Jamaican, and I don’t plan on giving up my other “jobs” of TV hosting, building schools, and mentoring entrepreneurs. However, my primary focus now is as founder and lecturer for Knowledge Share – a community of lifelong learners.

I’ll share more about Knowledge Share in a future email.

Additionally, there are two important events happening in my life I want you to know about:

2018 Mastermind – I’ve received many questions about when I will be hosting my next mentoring program. Next year’s program will be formatted as a mastermind that meets via video once per month from January to May 2018. I’m officially opening the application today! If you’re interested in learning more, please click here.

Private Meetup In Barbados Next Month – This is an idea that came from my oldest son (Kingston). He asked if I ever “take students with me on my trips.” I told him I’ve never done that but thought it was a brilliant idea. On November 18th, I’m giving the keynote at a conference at the Hilton Barbados Resort. The organizer of the conference (who is one of my mentees) is graciously providing me a conference room the entire day so that I can host my own meetup alongside her conference. I’m using this as an opportunity to invite everyone who is truly “in” my community to meet up with me in Barbados for a full day mastermind on breaking through career, business, and life roadblocks (mentees, Mentor Monday family, ambassadors from my TV shows, etc – the commonality is that everyone in attendance will be someone I have worked on a project with). I’ve designed the day for those who have BIG plans for 2018 and have already identified BIG obstacles to reaching their goals. If this description fits you and you’re interested in joining me, my wife (yes, Jill is coming!!!), and a group of ambitious professionals, I’d love to have you come. The best part of all, there is no fee for attending! Everyone is responsible for their own travel, transportation and hotel. If you’re interested in attending, simply email Karen McKee (the organizer) and let her know if you’re interested in attending (Karen can also help you find discounted hotel and airfare).

Like always, if you have questions on anything I’ve mentioned above, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Also, thank you for allowing me to disclose to you what I’ve been dealing with these past weeks. It feels therapeutic to write about it.

My best,


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