Sin Ful The P – Give Her A Reason

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Although pimping has been insulted and misinterpretated by the media, it still exists and still adhere to many principles that all men can learn from. If a man really wanted to know about women and manhood he can learn from REAL pimps. It sounds funny to say but it’s true. Pimps are around women ALL the time just like prostitutes are around men ALL the time (remember sometimes she doesn’t sleep with her clients, sometimes her clients just want her to listen).

So listening to pimps in this day and age can be laughable to a lot of people especially being that Tinder and many other dating sites now exists to make the interaction between women and men much easier, at a click of the button. BUT THERE ARE STILL RULES TO THIS GAME (THE GAME OF LIFE).

Hearing a pimp like Sin Ful The P once again makes you think about manhood putting sex last.

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