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BROTHERHOOD WATCH: Sin Ful The P – Give Her A Reason

Paying Homage: Albert “Prodigy” Johnson (November 2, 1974 – June 20, 2017)

On Tuesday 20th June 2017 the rapper Prodigy was pronounced dead after being found unconscious in Las Vegas. He die at the age of 42. Although the cause of death is still unconfirmed, if fans were to guess, it would probably be because of his sickle cell anemia. A sickle cell crisis can kill. Prodigy […]

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Street Fighter Assassin Fist

As technology improves, more and more films made from books and games, can become more real. Totally different to the films of the 90’s which let everybody down, Street Fighter Assassin Fist, the popular game, has finally done justice to the first attempt of bringing the game to life. The series takes place from the […]

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The Hodge Twins

With a very different and original delivery, and using the twin connection very well (in my humble opinion), the Hodge Twins bring a comical sense to the topics on relationships. As body builders, they also show workout progress and give advice on various exercises. These are definitely twins who enjoy being twins and demonstrate it […]

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Barnabas Designs

Models, singers, artists, be sure to check out Barabas Designs. It can surely help in terms of advertising. Website

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Kevin Hart About His Come Way

Kevin Hart’s character does seem likeable. Honest, direct and appreciative, Kevin Hart does express meaningfully life as a comedian.

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Movie Monday’s

The sequel.

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Message of the Week

Leadership is not something you “do”; it is something that grows organically out of the natural rhythm of learning.~ Jeff Olson

Movie Monday’s

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Goddess Intellect (Telisha): Friends with Benefits: The Gray Area In The Bedroom

After going through the pains, frustrations, as well as joy and what seemed to be a meaningful relationship, Telisha, also known as Goddess Intellect decided that the best way to release and be cleared of it all was through blogging. In time many people, women especially, started gravitating towards what she had to say. Most […]

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