Self Control is Strength,
Right Thought is Mastery,
Calmness is Power -James Allen, author of As A Man Thinketh

Always be laid back about everything,
Don’t overreact to anything,
Never, ever suck up!- Player community

Men respond to what they see so the discipline (the ability) there is to not get carried away by what they see.

Women respond to what they hear so the discipline (ability) there is not to get carried away by what they hear.

Women are emotional by nature first. A man must maintain control not to allow the emotions to get him emotional as well. Two emotional people hold no logic. A man is logical by nature first (note this word). When he maintains control he can use his logic. Sometimes a woman just wants to lash out and release stress. It doesn’t mean she means what she says or what she does (body language and facial expressions will reveal that).

Men are one track minded first. A woman must maintain control and understand that she must explain her emotions to his logic. She must not assume that he should know. Each feelings that she explains can then be dealt with one at a time. A man realizes, in entirety how his woman feels.

When discipline is in a relationship, it brings security. When security is felt, it brings well being and when well being is maintained it brings a stronger connection and bond. The start of it all is communication which enables the first spark of growth of it all. The overall discipline then is to maintain communication so that well being through security can be felt.


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