Brotherhood Of The Game is a male empowerment group, created to better the interaction between women and men by motivating men to be men, and keeping loyalty in the Game. The Game is life and Life is a Game. Love, business, success, failures, lessons, and events are all part of life, they are all part of the Game, and playing it involves strategy, strength, and appreciation in being yourself (called Self-Love).

Quitting on yourself means getting played. To live, to make effective moves, to counteract moves, you have to read the Game as you play it. Play or be Played is the undertone of the Game (of life).

The Game of life is Chess and how you play it is reflected in lifestyle, so, stay calm and calculated!

These days (21st century) a lot of women would agree that masculinity is decreasing and men are becoming more sensitive, too ‘fragile’, and coming across to feminine. Femininity needs something to attract and complement which is masculinity but a lot of men decrease masculinity hoping to keep a woman happy while thinking that surrendering (not complementing) will benefit both of them. Although the heart is in the right place, it hurts both the woman and man. A woman in a relationship doesn’t need her man to act like or be another woman, she needs a MAN! She needs masculine energy in all its glory! Men need to be empowered to elevate the feminine once more by being Man.

Masculine energy needs no apology despite the ‘complaints’ that a lot of women (the feminist) may express. The feminist can be perceived as a woman who is releasing frustration, directly and indirectly complaining that a man should be FAIR WHILE MANLY. She did not say that a man should ‘surrender’ to her without reason or that he should not be a MAN. Her complaints is about being FAIR. Granted that some feminist can go too far and overlook why it started in the first place, to express woman power, masculine energy will always be needed!

This website or rather movement was created to build the unity amongst all men as well as to remind men to work on leadership, family, business, health, combat (being able to protect and defend loved ones or other), sex, ultimately Manhood in every aspect of life. A man doesn’t need to apologize for behaving like a man but must be sure to work on positivity in all his endeavours as he strives to Self improve. It is not a competition, a brotherhood is a celebration!

A man equally needs a woman and needs to learn ways without jeopardizing masculinity (for she needs it) of making her feel special, positive and safe. This requires exchanging information, reassessing and reevaluating what it means to be a man. Through the unity of men (the brotherhood), men can find it easier to eliminate fear and handle all affairs, and this site was created to empower, motivate, encourage, and inspire him to continue to do so.

Business: brotherhoodofthegame@gmail.com
General: brotherhoodofdagame@gmail.com

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