A Femine Touch: Anaiyah Sunshine


BOTG: What do you think of the feminist movement?

AS: I personally think it has it’s ups and downs but I do support the thesis on female equality.

BOTG: What do you think of the interaction between men and women today?

AS: Well it’s a tough market but as a woman trying to succeed I let the ignorant stay ignorant and I keep on going for success.

BOTG: What qualities do you think it takes a man to be a man and a woman to be a woman?

AS: Well for starters I feel that as a woman speaking for myself, a woman is a kind and understanding individual who possess characteristics such as strength, inner beauty and grace.

A man is someone who upholds a woman as such and carries himself as some one who you can rely on in support , encouragement and motivation.

BOTG: What do you think are the roles of men and women in a relationship or marriage?

AS: I do believe in any relationship honesty is key.

BOTG: Why do you think a lot of women (especially black women) are single?

AS: Well I think it’s the lack of committment in some of our communities towards the black community as a good father figure. Unfortunately, we are exposed to some young men and women who lack a mom or dad or sometimes both to know what it is to be a parent. It takes a community to raise a child unfortunately some of our communities are turning towards realtiy shows for guidance and turning their backs on towards ymca’s and big brother and big sister’s clubs that encourage people who dont have children to become a good role model for those who need that extra push in life.

BOTG: If you had the power to change the interaction between men and women what would it be?

AS: That’s a real hard question. I guess I would pray that I can be able to change the view of both sexes and make them both understand we need each other more than most think. We are a unit.

BOTG: What message would you give to a man that is about to approach you?

AS: Be kind and be himself. Try to show the better side of you so I can welcome your converstaion.

BOTG: How do you know when to give a man a chance?

AS: When you are willing to give yourself a chance to love. You can love through people . To love oneself is a precious thing.

BOTG: Give your definition of a nice guy.

AS: Understanding, welcoming and well rounded man who appreciates the best in life. He sets goals that are reachable and believes in himself, God and family.

If he can’t believe in himself, the creator and his goals he will not believe in anything.

BOTG: Give your definition of a thug and why women love thugs.

AS: Thug: Hmmn. Im not fond of that word. It’s a nasty sterotype that most define what’s ideal. A thug to me is someone who is often pessimistic and not open minded to what the world has for him. Yes thug in hip hop history is idealed as a warrior or soldier in the streets who handles himself like feared individual but it is the same word that causes many young offenders in our communities to forget about education, welcome incareceration, drugs , homelessness, and poverty.

I can not tell you why women like that for I can not agree but maybe they have a better view to what a thug is than I. I can not judge on one’s choice in relationships.

BOTG: What do you think of a man that does anything you want?

AS: I feel that a person should love themself. If it’s in reason and there is a mutual understanding between he and I that we do things together and for each other then so be it.

BOTG: How important is sex in a relationship?

AS: I view intimacy or sex in a more romantic, deep view. I don’t see it for the action but I see it as a level or trust and loyal commitmment.

BOTG: Would you leave a man or your husband if the sex wasn’t good?

AS: No. It’s all about communication. Open communication and trust to what is lacking whether its out in the open or private should be discussed . If you can’t speak to your mate then why are you with him or her in the first place?

BOTG: What would make you go the extra mile for your man?

AS: Loyalty.

BOTG: Why do women compete with each other so much? (Ever heard of unity?)

AS: Well I can’t compete. I love me for me and I feel once one reaches that level the fight to the finish stops.

BOTG: It is said that black women are the ones with the most attitude what are your opinions on this? Also what do you think are the reasons behind the attitude if you believe this to be true?

AS: I don’t. I am a educated mixed black woman who is graceful , soft spoken and a good listener. I think what should be said is possibly maybe the lack of understanding or confusion when communicating with a woman is not clear can cause problems or misunderstandings.

BOTG: What is the most important thing you look for in a man?

AS: Once again loyalty.

BOTG: In a man’s dressing what is the most important thing you look at?

AS: Presentation and grooming. If he is aware that he his pleased with himself to carry himself he will even motivate you to keep up when you have your bad days.

BOTG: How do you signal to a man to approach you?

AS: I don’t but if he should approach me whoever he is I will welcome him as long as he respects me and himself.

BOTG: How do you recognize confidence in a man? I mean what makes you say “yeah he has confidence”?

AS: He walks with head held high not showing defeat. A man or anyone who walks with his or her head down is a signal of insecurity and doubt.

BOTG: What would make you give the ultimate respect to a man?

AS: Knowing that no one is perfect but understanding through faith everything is possible.

BOTG: What message would you give to every man out there?

AS: Love yourself. No one can better love you but you.

BOTG: Describe your best features

AS: My smile.

BOTG: What do you think of men trying to empower other men to be leaders in their relationships?

AS: I feel there is no leader. Its an understanding that both people take responisbilty to learn, grow, and love differences and similarities. You don’t have to commit if if makes you look good. Committ if it feels good and know that you are loved.


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  1. Rafael Morales Jr.

    ANAIYAH SUNSHINE miss doing work w.You star:) hope we get the chance2.The sexiest and smartest negrita i know!Boss SUNNY

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